What I’m reading at the moment: The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling:

I started reading this book the day it came out (27th September 2012) and I’m still only half way through. It’s not that I’m a slow reader, in fact I’m actually quite fast, it’s just that nothing is really happening. The book has 512 pages and in my opinion not enough content to fill them. The Casual Vacancy follows the story of the residents of the small village Padford, after the death of the Parish Counsellor Barry Fairbrother. The main story is basically about the other members of the parish fighting for the empty seat and the lives and relationships of their family and friends. Throughout the story the themes of politics, sexuality, drugs, poverty etc are explored, which in my opinion are used very well. However I feel that although the storylines and situations are realistic, there is not enough action happening for such a large book. The writing style is very good and the characterisation but there just isn’t enough happening! Don’t get me wrong it’s a good book and when I’m reading it I am engaged, but once I’ve put the book down, I find it hard to get the strength to pick it up again.

So overall, as much as I love J.K Rowling and am a MASSIVE fan of Harry Potter, I’m slightly disappointed with this mediocre book. But who knows! Maybe the second half of the book will be more exciting!



So this is my first blog post, how exciting! I created this blog to review books and films that I love/ just read and to generally just speak my mind.

A bit about me:

I’m Sophie, I adore reading books, playing the ukulele and getting overly attached to TV series and films. These include Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Dr Who, Misfits, Spaced and many more! I also make videos on Youtube.com as regularly as I can. I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to comment on any of my posts 🙂