It’s been a while but here we are: Uglies



It’s been a while WordPress since I’ve posted and for that I apologize. What with A Level exams and going to Amsterdam I’ve hardly had the time! (A poor excuse I’m aware) however I’m back and ready to start blogging again.

So I begin with the first of three books I’ve read since finishing exams; Uglies by Scott Westerfield.

I was always aware that this was a teen book or “young adult novel” which this genre is often labelled as, however I was in no way prepared for the childish and slightly patronizing writing style. In theory the idea of the plot was a good one; set in the future where an operation to become ‘beautiful’ is compulsory for those turning 16, with a group of rebels refusing to join in with social normality. But I feel that the writing was just too obviously written for young teenagers. Though impressed that the (male) writer captured the speech and mannerisms of a 16 year old girl, I feel that it just wasn’t mature enough to count as a “young adult novel”.
Some parts were exciting and I appreciated the concept of the future society’s obsession with beauty, but the romance between the protagonist Tally and the infamous David was just too obvious and clichΓ©.Β 

All in all not a bad book but would have preferred it a lot more 5 or so years ago. 2/5