SHERLOCK’S FANGIRLS – Too many feels? (The Sign of Three Review)

I have just finished watching ‘Sherlock’ on BBC One and for once I feel so strongly on the programme, that I felt it was necessary to blog about. After watching this new episode (The 2nd in the series) I have come to the conclusion that it is now solely aimed at TUMBLR FANGIRLS. Let me explain;

The first two series of ‘Sherlock’ were brilliant. They were full of drama, wit and genuine mystery. However, since returning to our screens after a 2 year break I feel that the show is…different somehow.
As we know, the ‘Tumblr’ culture is growing ever stronger amongst teenagers (mostly female), causing the increase of so called ‘Fangirl’ population. In fact, ‘Fangirl’ is such a huge part in our society, it even has it’s own entry in the dictionary;


‘Sherlock’ has a vast fanbase on Tumblr, where many Gifs and Fanfiction on the show are posted.
I feel that the last two episodes in this series, seemed to be aimed more towards the Fangirls then the rest of its audience, take tonight’s episode for example. John Watson appoints Sherlock as his Best Man for his Wedding, where follows a rather uncharacteristically soppy speech from Sherlock. Ok fine, even Sherlock the “High Functioning Sociopath” is allowed to get soppy at his best friends wedding, but surely that’s no excuse for the rest of his behaviour. For example, dancing, flirting with the bridesmaid, looking up napkin tutorials on Youtube! I love ‘Sherlock’ I really do, and I love what Moffat and Gatiss have done to bring it into the 21st Century, but this new series feels like just one big nod to the Fangirls. I genuinely felt like I was watching a Fanfiction being played out in front of me as opposed to a real episode. It lacked drama, suspense, even the usual dark colour palette was replaced with a bright yellow.

Episode One was no better; showing us fan theories of Sherlock’s fake suicide instead of how he actually did it. They even included a personification of Tumblr when they showed a particular theory in which Sherlock and Moriarty lean in for a kiss. (Of course that was made into a Gif seconds after the show)
I looked at my Twitter homepage straight after the show, which was of course bombarded with tweets like “OMG I’M CRYING TOO MANY FEELS” and “THEY HUGGED OH SHIT NO FUCK THIS IM DONE” to name just a few. And I couldn’t help imagining Moffat and Gatiss leaning back on their chairs and thinking “Yep, our work here is done.”
There were even more homosexual undertones than usual, in fact there were so many they weren’t really undertones at all. There was the knee touching, numerous hugs, sleeping arm in arm on the stairs etc etc. It was screaming out to be ‘Gifed’.
I do still love ‘Sherlock’ and think it’s still well written. However I just feel that this series is aimed at Fangirls rather than genuine fans of the show, who watch for the gripping plots and cinematography, not just for the ‘Johnlock feels’.