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How gluten intolerance gave me the health kick I needed

I’ve become a bit of a health freak recently after I discovered that I am slightly intolerant to gluten. Because of this I have started eating a lot more fruit and veg as well as drinking 2 litre bottles of water a day . A few months ago I used to live off pasta and bread, and couldn’t understand why I constantly had stomach pains. As a student these were the cheapest foods to eat as well as pizza and to be honest I never really cared about nutrition. I used to put everything else before eating such as studying, going out and working at my night job, and would much rather spend my money on alcohol and clothes. However this obviously began to take its toll (as well as the growing intolerance to gluten) and I finally had to see a doctor. It turned out that not only had I developed a gluten intolerance but I also had anemia. Although the low iron count wasn’t due to my diet it did give me a wake up call and made me realise that I needed to improve my diet.

As I couldn’t eat the same things that I used to, I decided to substitute pasta with rice. But instead of bunging it in a pan and throwing on some sauce from a jar like I did with pasta, I decided to add lots of vegetables instead and make my own sauce from scratch. Just doing this alone meant I was eating healthier than I did before. Preparing food from scratch also gave me a kind of buzz and I decided that this was how I wanted to eat from then on.

Around this time I also discovered the body coach Joe Wicks on instagram and fell in love with his cheeky humour and great recipes. So far I have only made one of his dishes but it has become my favourite lunch to make; it is a fried egg cooked in a pan of coconut oil with sweet potato, red onion, spring onion, red pepper, mange tout and chorizo. It’s so simple and so much healthier then a egg and bacon sarnie.

I’ve also started attending an exercise class every week; legs, bums and tums, as well as partaking in the squat challenge. I only started this healthier lifestyle about 3 weeks ago but already I can feel the difference! I definitely enjoy eating and cooking more as well as having more energy to actually go out and enjoy myself. I know I’m not totally healthy at the moment but I’m hoping over time I will learn more and more about nutrition and how to look after my body properly.
Here’s to a better future!

The first time I made the body coach dish using bacon instead of chorizo (student funds!)